For Speech Language Pathologists 

Presenter Training Program #1: Speech and Language Therapy- The Basics

Are you a motivated Speech Language Pathologist looking to diversify your income through increased referrals? Building stronger relationships with Early Childhood Educators through presentations and training sessions can be the key to growing a strong, referrals based business in your community. 

It can take hours to put together a high-quality presentation and more hours to reach out to local Early Childhood Centers and that is time away from your work with clients. What if you could have an entire PowerPoint presentation template with handouts, outreach letters and a step-by-step guide on how to take action? 

Speech and Language Therapy: The Basics 

This is a 90 minute presentation that you can customize to suit your business. It is content created for early childhood educators, covering information for ages birth to five. Topics include what we do as SLP’s, how to approach parents, when to refer for specific age groups and activities/games to enhance speech and language development.

With my video walkthrough of how to keep it engaging, presenter notes on what I cover on each slide and handouts for each age group, you will only spend minutes preparing for your first presentation. 

Even better, I am also including a customizable letter to help you reach out to local pre-school and daycare centers to introduce yourself and offer your presentation as a resource. 

Everything that’s included:

  • Customizable 90 minute PowerPoint presentation titled “Speech and Language Therapy: “The Basics”
  • Handouts for each age group highlighting red flags for “when to refer” for speech and language evaluation
  • A customizable letter to assist you to market yourself and your skills to daycares and preschools outlining the presentation
  • Presenter notes of how to talk through the presentation
  • Certificate template to offer Professional Development hours for attendees
  • PLUS, a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, connect with other SLPs  and learn directly from my many years of experience
  • Follow up emails for accountability

“Allison’s workshop was wonderful and I highly recommend it for every early childhood professional. I immediately felt confident in recognizing speech and language red flags in my classroom, and felt that I had the tools and resources to approach parents and answer any questions they might have about the process of getting their child evaluated. In addition, I left the workshop with tips and games for increasing speech language skills in my classroom for every child. Every teacher can benefit from what Allison has to offer!” -Miranda P., Pre-K Teacher, Robin’s Child’s Place

Make money now AND later!

Once you have a customized presentation you can immediately start reaching out to local daycares and preschools and offer to do Professional Development classes for the staff. These paid presentations will bring in immediate extra income AND will build your referral base for future clients. 

When you build your reputation as an expert in your field, you’ll expand your opportunities for speaking, build your client base and positively impact your community. 

About Allison Cloutier M.S. CCC-SLP

Alison has worked in a pediatric private practice setting since 2011 after she graduated the University of New Hampshire with a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology with concentrations in Early Childhood and Augmentative and Alternative Communication. 

With the belief that children make the most progress when therapy is fun and interactive, Allison’s work focuses on child centered and play-based therapy philosophies. 

She enjoys treating both in her office as well as on-site at many daycares and preschools. She began offering informational workshops and professional development presentations to daycares and preschools when parents, teachers and administrative staff expressed the need for more information. 

Watching and understanding how valuable of a resource the Presentations have been for childcare centers, parents and growing her private  practice, Allison decided to share this resource with other speech language pathologists so they can do the same.

“Allison’s speech and language presentations do a wonderful job providing valuable and usable information that we as preschool teachers need. She always has great ideas and resources that are beneficial for the kids. It’s always exciting as teachers to try out her suggestions and see the results. Presentation length and certificates are spot on for all of us seeking professional development hours. We are lucky to have her as a resource for our program!” -Kris D. and Sherri H., Co-Owners /Teachers at the Sandbox Preschool in Hampton, NH

“I had the opportunity to review Allison’s wonderful presentation and the handouts that come with it. The content is exactly what SLPs should be sharing with professionals working with birth-5 years. Parents would benefit from the information as well! It would have taken me so long to do the research, generate my ideas and create the handouts- this is a HUGE time saver and a great marketing tool. The design is simple, professional, and easily understood. I would recommend purchasing this presentation and using it to grow your practice!” Emily C., Hyperion Language and Learning Services

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