For Early Childhood Educators

Speech and Language Therapy: The Basics

In this professional development workshop, you will:
· learn about developmental milestones and “red flags” related to speech and language development from infancy through age five
· learn how to refer when speech and language “red flags” are observed
· learn trusted resources to reference typical speech and language development
· For live events, engage with various games and activities and discuss how they support speech and language skills in your classroom.

Integrating Speech and Language Development into Play

In this professional development workshop you will:
· discuss the importance of play in speech and language development for infants through kindergartners
· learn the different types of play and developmental stages and benchmarks
· explore new games and activities for each stage of play development and age group–participants will have an opportunity to check out multiple toys and activities
· leave with knowledge of how to play with toys and integrate activities on-site or at home and how toys can be used to enhance language skills.

Integrating Speech and Language Development in Outdoor and Nature Based Activities

In this professional development workshop you will:
· discuss the importance of outdoor play, movement and creativity and how it supports speech and language development
· enhance your knowledge of how to integrate specific speech and language skills for ages birth to five in outdoor games and activities
· learn new, inspiring, ideas to get kids outside to play and build skills such as sequencing, following directions, problem solving, social communication, speech sound awareness and more.

Literacy Foundations

In this professional development workshop, you will:
· review the stages of reading development
· discus early literacy concepts and skill
· leave with ideas for supporting pre-literacy skills in infants through kindergarten
· learn how to crete an environment that supports learning
· bring ideas and activities back to easily implement into classrooms

Playing with Purpose

Explore games and have fun while learning how to best support a child’s speech and language development. This workshop is a hands-on brainstorming session. Attendees will interact with each other using games and activities and will leave the session inspired to bring back new ideas for play to their infant through kindergarten classrooms. Attend one session each quarter for brainstorming ideas as workshops will change with each season. Learn ideas for spring, summer, fall, and winter as each season brings new opportunities for play, fun, and learning.

Learning Language: The Power of Yoga and MIndfulness


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