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Playing with Presence Course

This course includes six modules that provide information, inspiration, ideas, and journaling prompts. These modules are specifically designed to help you be present with your child and play with them in a creative and connected way. An action plan is included to apply what you learn in many everyday experiences and activities. Some topics include:
1. Setting goals for playful presence with your child
2. observing your child and their play/learning style
3. exploring your own experiences with and comfort level with play
4. shifting your mindset to best support your child
5. discussing presence and mindfulness strategies
6. tips on creating the time to share meaningful playtime experiences with your child.

Playing with Purpose Course

This course includes six modules that provide information and inspiration, ideas and journaling prompts. These modules are specifically designed to help you be purposeful and intentional in your child’s playtime. A guided action plan is included. This course covers the following topics:
1. Setting goals for purposeful play with your child
2. understanding the types and stages of play
3. reflecting on how your child relates to both the types and stages of play
4. strategies for increasing speech and language skills during play
5. increasing your confidence in supporting your child’s development
6. thematic ideas and inspirations for bringing purposeful and joyful learning into your home.

Playing with Purpose In-Person Meet-Ups

Under the guidance of a certified speech language pathologist, discuss strategies with other parents and apply what you learn by playing with your child in a playgroup setting. In this 90 minute session, you’ll spend the first half hour discussing a specific learning strategy with other parents while your child or children are under the watchful eye of a certified babysitter. Come together during the second hour, parents and children, to play! With continued guidance of a speech language pathologist, you’ll apply the techniques you learned from the first hour. These sessions are sure to be engaging, fun and full of learning for all! Some of the learning strategies include building vocabulary, following directions, appropriate social skills and problem solving. These are integrated into themes such as “Ice Cream Shop”, “Kings and Queens”, “Farmer’s Market”, “Ahoy, Pirates!” and more.

Individualized Parent Support

Parent Education and Support Sessions
For more personalized support and guidance, one-on-one support sessions are available.

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