What I Do

My Mission 

My mission is to empower parents and caregivers to support children’s development. For us all to be more present and mindful in our interactions with the children in our lives and to create meaningful experiences that strengthen bonds and deepen connections. My work is designed to support parents and early childhood educators who want to bring more PLAY and JOY into the learning and lives of the children they have the honor of helping to grow in this world.

My Approach 

I strongly believe in the power of PLAY, and all of my courses and programs are based in this foundation. I pride myself in bringing a balanced approach to all the parents and children I work with. I integrate presence, mindfulness and other holistic modalities with research based practice, working collaboratively to create optimal environments for both children and adults. I teach the value of knowing developmental milestones, while also honoring who your child is at this moment in time.

The Process 

Just as I honor each individual learning style in the children who come to me for therapy, I do the same for parents as I educate and coach them. My programs are available in different formats, from audio, video, written, journaling, in-person events, online group discussions and one-on-one individual assistance. I offer multiple levels of support in order to provide opportunities on many different topics to create the most meaningful impact I can. I give my time to help find the program that works best for you and your child. Check out my services offered page and contact me to set up a free 20-minute call to figure out which program may be best for you! 

Playing with Purpose


Complete your continuing education hours and receive a signed certificate through one of my fun, interactive and practical use workshops. Convenient formats include: pre-recorded videos, online Zoom meetings, and on-site trainings. Current workshops include topics related to identifying possible speech and language needs and when to refer a child to a specialist, integrating speech and language learning through play, supporting literacy skills and more!


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