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A speech language pathologist by trade, I have the expertise to work with parents and caregivers of children with varying disabilities, though I have a passion for promoting the power of learning through play for ALL families and early childhood settings. Through interactions at work, and with my own family and friends, I noticed a disconnect in adults being able to support children’s needs through play, which is how they are meant to learn about the world around them. Play, interacting with kids and integrating speech and language needs into fun and engaging activities is so intuitive to me. I decided I wanted to make a change in this world by brining inspiration to other parents and educators around me, and so this business was born!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and my husband, especially on outdoor adventures, such as camping, swimming and walking in the woods. I am an avid reader and podcast listener and I am always absorbing information to better myself and the work that I do. I can talk (a lot!) and thrive on conversations with and connecting to others, though being at home relaxing, sitting in nature, or enjoying a peaceful yoga class is where I re-charge every day.

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