Time is flying by! Maely is now six months old! She can now sit up well and roll around to reach items that she wants. She is engaging more in activities and I can see her working to explore items and to “figure out” how things work. She is learning basic cause/effect and is laughing when playing with her Mom and Dad! Let’s talk about what we have been up to:

First, here are some important facts to remember for this age:

  • They become aware of distance between things: how far away a parent may be or that a desired object is out of reach
  • They are more engaged with objects: can hold a toy with both hands, tries to fit one object in front of another, looks in and under things
  • They are more mobile than before: may be sitting up, rolling, crawling, pulling self to stand, or standing with support (remember, development varies in all babies!)
  • They are more observant: watching what other people do, looking at pictures in books, paying attention to sounds and mimicking gestures. Joint attention and pointing begins to emerge at this age, both important communication milestones.

So, how do you play with a six month old?

  • Create environments for them to safely explore: scatter toys around a room, use pillows and bean bags to climb up and over and create “tunnels” to crawl through
  • Utilize empty cardboard boxes. Maely loved sitting in an old diaper box at this age! She would laugh as we ducked down and played “peek a boo!”, she would hide her face behind the flaps and she found joy bringing toys into the box with her (maely pic)
  • Find a laundry basket and stick fabrics and other items (like headbands and socks, in our case) and stick them in the holes for your kiddo to pull through. This entertained Maely for quite a long time. She also first practiced pulling herself up while sitting in here, too. (maely pic)
  • Have fun exploring in a mirror! Most babies will giggle away as you make silly faces, come in and our of the picture and as they stare at themselves in their reflection
  • Find ways to explore the outdoors and increase sensory experiences. Here in NH, Maely turned six months old in November. So, we were able to sit in the grass, pick up crunchy leaves AND play in the snow all in the same month. We bundled her up for her first sled ride and also brought the snow inside—I put some on her high chair tray to explore as she wished
  • Sing plenty of songs! All of those repetitive, rhyming and rhythmic songs have a purpose. Pull them from memory, sing along and create a connection through music with your baby


What are some recommended products and toys for this age? Some favorites in our household lately have been:

Books: We still love board books in our house, but we are now interested in more colorful, rhyming books. Right now, favorites include “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and “Good Night, New Hampshire”

Sensory Fabrics: Playing with different textures, that are also safe to be explored in a baby’s mouth, have been a staple play activity.

Spinning Toy: This simple toy is great for engagement, hand-eye coordination and learning a cause/effect relationship.

If you would like some individualized, one-on-one support for tips, tricks and ideas of how to be present, play with and support your child in their current stage of development, email me here to sign up for a free 20 minute call to discuss which of my programs may be best for you!

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