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For Parents


Pre-recorded courses, in-person meet ups/play groups and one-on-one individualized support sessions are available for parents and caregivers. Though my specialty is in supporting parents of children with various speech and language needs, these programs are designed to engage and inspire parents and caregivers of children with all levels of abilities. Any parent or caregiver looking to enhance their knowledge, become more present in their interactions with children and be inspired to support development in engaging ways is welcome to explore my offerings.


Events and Retreats

In this fast-paced, digital world we live in, it is easy to get “lost” in all the craziness we call every day life. Starting with a desire to improve my own physical, mental and emotional health, and understanding the importance and power of self-care, I have designed various events and retreats to re-charge and provide inspiration for how we live our life. All of the events integrate a passion for mindfulness, connection and self-care, bringing together powerful practitioners to remind others how to be authentic to themselves and to show up every day for themselves, their friends and their family.

For Early Childhood Educators


Complete your continuing education hours and receive a signed certificate through one of my fun, interactive and practical use workshops. Convenient formats include: pre-recorded videos, online Zoom meetings, and on-site trainings. Current workshops include topics related to identifying possible speech and language needs and when to refer a child to a specialist, integrating speech and language learning through play, supporting literacy skills and more!


For SLP's


Designed specifically for the speech language pathologist who is motivated to diversify their income, build relationships with local early childhood educators, increase referral sources, and steadily build their practice/client base, my workshop training programs combine resources, step-by-step guides and personalized support in order to save you time and energy to create a bigger impact in your business, starting today!


What People Are Saying

“Allison’s workshop was wonderful and I highly recommend it for every early childhood professional. I immediately felt confident in recognizing speech and language red flags in my classroom, and felt that I had the tools and resources to approach parents and answer any questions they might have about the process of getting their child evaluated. In addition, I left the workshop with tips and games for increasing speech language skills in my classroom for every child. Every teacher can benefit from what Allison has to offer!”
-Miranda P., Pre-K Teacher

Miranda P.

Pre-K Teacher

“Allison’s speech and language presentations do a wonderful job providing valuable and usable information that we as preschool teachers need. She always has great ideas and resources that are beneficial for the kids. It’s always exciting as teachers to try out her suggestions and see the results. Presentation length and certificates are spot on for all of us seeking professional development hours. We are lucky to have her as a resource for our program!” -Kris D.

Kris D.

Early Childhood Educator

“I had the opportunity to review Allison’s wonderful presentation and the handouts that come with it. The content is exactly what SLPs should be sharing with professionals working with birth-5 years. Parents would benefit from the information as well! It would have taken me so long to do the research, generate my ideas and create the handouts- this is a HUGE time saver and a great marketing tool. The design is simple, professional, and easily understood. I would recommend purchasing this presentation and using it to grow your practice!” Emily C., SLP

Emily C.

Speech Language Pathologist


Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Early Childhood Recommendations

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Early Childhood Recommendations

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Early Childhood My Favorites Enchanted Cupcake Party: This game is always a hit. Following recipes to build small cupcakes, this game works on both receptive and expressive language, as well as imaginative play and storytelling...

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Playing with Purpose: One Year Old!

Playing with Purpose: One Year Old!

Playing with Purpose: One Year! Holy Moly! We have hit the one-year mark. It is crazy and wonderful and I love watching miss Mae learn and grow. Lately, she LOVES being outside, learning how to walk on the grass, going for a “ride” in her toy car and anything to do...

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Playing with Purpose: 6 months old

Playing with Purpose: 6 months old

Time is flying by! Maely is now six months old! She can now sit up well and roll around to reach items that she wants. She is engaging more in activities and I can see her working to explore items and to “figure out” how things work. She is learning basic cause/effect...

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Playing with Purpose: 5 weeks old

Playing with Purpose: 5 weeks old

Can you play with a five week old? Of course! In fact, it is important to lay the foundations for speech, language, social and cognitive skills as soon as baby is born. My daughter, Maely, is currently five weeks old and she loves to play J First, here are some...

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